Why Are We Different?


Our sole focus is to educate, to make you more valuable, more knowledgeable, aware of best practices and a better leader. Public speaking/educating is all we do. We make you better. We are focused on delivering the content you need, soliciting participation and having fun!


Our goal is to be invited back, again and again. We listen. We want a long, strong relationship with you and with your professionals. We can be flexible, please contact us for your individual needs. You will deal directly with seasoned leaders who care; not an inexperienced novice.


You can count on us to deliver. Our discussion leaders know the drill and can improvise when X happens. Our discussion leaders have been public speakers for many years, one leader since 1980.

Experienced Speakers

Every one of our discussion leaders has served in the C-suite, most have advanced degrees and multiple certifications. We KNOW what we talk about. Each one of our discussion leaders will only lead the topics they are an expert at. We strive for 25% new material each year, so you will not hear the same old same old, year after year. Every one of our presentations has been vetted, so we have learned what works and what does not.


You may have endured boring speakers, who read dated ‘information,’ all spoken in a monotone voice. We hated it too! We do not ramble on for hours non-stop. We utilize case discussions, engage in Q&A, we laugh, and we listen. We want each attendee to become a participant, and they will. If we can make CPAs laugh, and we do – we are more than capable.

Client Testimonials

“Best ethics course I have had”

Best ethics course I have had in 22 years of practice.

Ft. Wayne, IN

“Excellent presenter”

Excellent! Very relevant – great information and very knowledgeable speaker and excellent presenter.

West Columbia, SC

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