Author: John F. Levy

The first years of the 21st century have seen unprecedented changes in the roles and demands on corporate and nonprofit directors. Board members now cope with ever-fuller agendas, greater potential liability and increasing demands by shareholders, regulators, activists and the government.

This seminar discusses the legal and ethical responsibilities of directors and the special responsibilities of audit committee members.

Topics Discussed

  • The changing role of directors
  • The impact of constituent activism on ethical and legal responsibilities
  • The impact of recent business failures, Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank
  • The meaning of “Fiduciary Duty” and its impact on responsibilities
  • The “Business Judgment Rule”
  • The importance of directors and officer’s insurance, and what to look for in policies
  • Responsibilities of various committees
  • Audit committee qualifications
  • The Audit Committee “Financial Expert”
  • The skills and experience needed for new board members
  • How to work with your organization’s board
  • How to be the best director you can be!

Cases and Group Discussion
This seminar includes group discussion of eight case studies.

Target Audience
This seminar is for those who serve, or aspire to serve, on a board of directors or finance professionals who work with the boards of their organizations. The seminar discusses public, private and not-for-profit boards.

Level of Knowledge


CPE Credit
8 hours group live

Field of Study
Behavioral Ethics, Business Management & Organization

Participants should have at least six months of industry experience and thorough knowledge of financial accounting principles and practices.

Advanced Preparation

CFO Series Day 1

Advanced Skills, Made Easy!

Topics Discussed Credits
Advanced Planning: Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Projections 2 Accounting
Advanced Cost Accounting: Assigning Overhead 2 Accounting
Fixing Your Chart of Accounts 2 Accounting
Avoiding Death by PowerPoint: Create Better Presentations 2 Software

Discussion Leader
John L. Daly, Tom Henry, Bill O’Brien or Don Minges


For John Daly, contact Barb Sullivan:, or contact Don Minges,

CFO Series Day 2

Developing Credibility – Inside and Outside the Organization

Topics Discussed Credits
Developing Credibility: Earn Respect for Yourself and Your Team 2 Bus. Mgt.
It’s All About Action! 2 Bus. Mgt.
Effective Internal Reporting: Make Your Message Quick and Clear 2 Accounting
Financial Management: 10 Tips for Success and 13 Signs of Failure 2 Bus. Mgt.

Discussion Leader
Bill O’Brien, Dana Johnson, Richard Karwic, Tom Henry or Bob Mims



CFO Series Day 3

Emotional Intelligence – What Makes Great Leaders Great?

Topics Discussed Credits
Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Factor in Success 2 Bus. Mgt.
Motivating the Right Way: Get the Most from Your Staff 2 Bus. Mgt.
Business Ethics: Cases from the Real World 2 Behavioral Ethics
Don’t Be the Messenger Who Gets Shot 2 Bus. Mgt.

Discussion Leader
Don Minges, Dana Johnson, Bob Mims, Tom Henry or Richard Karwic



CFO Series Day 4

Cash Management - Managing The Lifeline Of Your Business

Topics Discussed Credits
A/R and A/P: Effective Management Techniques 2 Accounting
Cash Management Techniques 2 Accounting
Cash Forecasting 2 Accounting
Better Meetings: Make Meetings Fun & Productive 2 Bus. Mgt.

Discussion Leader
Richard A. Karwic, Paul Harrison, Brian Maturi, or Don Minges



CFO Series Day 5

Become More Effective!

Topics Discussed Credits
Critical Thinking for Financial Professionals 2 Bus. Mgt.
Effective Networking: Take Control of Your Career 2 Bus. Mgt.
The CFO’s Role in Compensation and Bonus Plans 2 Bus. Mgt.
MS Word: Advanced Features 2 Software

Discussion Leader
John L. Daly, Bill O’Brien, Don Minges or Bob Mims


Please contact
For John Daly, contact: Barb Sullivan –

The five 2020 CFO Series days above plus the following alternate day will be available through December 2020.

Alternate CFO Series Day 6

Corporate Performance Management

Topics Discussed Credits
Corporate Performance Management 2 Accounting
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 2 Accounting
Driver-Based Budgeting 2 Accounting
Effective Management Accounting 2 Accounting

Discussion Leader
Gary Cokins




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